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    Company introduction

  Dalian Ming Chuan Food Co. Ltd is a production enterprise vertical integrationset chicken farming, feed processing, hatching, broiler breeding, slaughtering,processing as one of the.
  The company is located in Wafangdian City City, Liaoning Province, Pao YaXiang Yan Tun cun. Cohesion in urban and rural roads, crescent in theShenyang Dalian highway, turned back up the profound enterprise culture and forward-looking business philosophy, before the open port city of Dalian, sittingon vast developed rural land, the unique geographical
  Company to the fine variety of processing technology, stable wide supply salesnetwork, high-quality management team, high-quality green raw materials processing, standardized production system and management system, forming a unique business advantages.-澳门太阳集团城网址
  Companies adhere to the "honesty, cooperation, learning, innovation" concept of corporate culture, adhere to the "management is the soul, quality is the life" business philosophy, adhere to the "to provide high value-added services for the customer" philosophy, development.-2138acom太阳集团

  At present, the total area of about more than 20 square meters, the registered capital of 120000000 yuan, has more than 1000 employees, the company to carry out laboratory fresh, inspection routine frozen poultry products, can meet the requirements to ensure product quality and safety.-1495网站
  Company to "equality and mutual benefit, advantage is complementary,honesty, common development" as the management foundation, to carry out a wide range of joint union management mode, give play to the advantages of group, to further expand the size of the business, to further strengthen themanagement power. To solve the employment problem of rural surplus labor force, to a very good leading role for the development of rural economy in Wafangdian City since.-太阳集团俄罗斯


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 Address:Dalian Wafangdian City Paoya Xiang Yan Tun Cun